Students Welfare

We offer a framework of students support to meets each student’s unique needs, built on a foundation of core values.

Liwa International School Al Qattara has a robust-designed after school program available for all students to take part in.

Our activities are carefully planned to develop students’ core competency skills. Developing the students as a whole is of paramount importance to Liwa and so the extra-curricular activities aid the subject competencies that are taught during curriculum time. Each activity is strategically chosen to target one or more of the following competencies.

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Extracurricular Activities

Here at Liwa, we are dedicated in developing the students as a whole ready for life outside of school. In addition to our in curriculum academic program, we offer an extensive program of extracurricular activities in order to develop the student as a whole.

Program Design and Purpose

The purpose of the extracurricular program is aid development of the Liwa Core Competencies including leadership, communication, creativity, problem solving, teamwork and digital literacy skills. The carefully designed program at our school ensures that students are able to develop a range of skills throughout their school life, equipped for life, once they graduate from Liwa.

We offer a wide variety of activities each term that fit into the following categories: Sport and Exercise, Arts, Activities and Clubs.

Sports is a great way in which students develop Core Competency Skills within our extracurricular program. We have activities for both recreation sport and skill development as well as our elite performance programs in which students are preparing for external competitions.

Let’s Get Moving: Dance Expression
The Calm Space-Yoga

Students are able to unlock their creative minds within our ‘Art’ clubs. Students get the opportunity to work both individually and collaboratively.

Painting Pals
Creative Works of Heart-Arts and Crafts Club
Art club
Music Club

Our extensive range of activity clubs are very popular and give the opportunity to:

  • A range of Core Competency Skills
  • Develop new and existing friendships
  • Experience learning a new skills
  • Trying a new activity not available during curriculum time

Environment, Health & Safety

Apart from creating a robust, dynamic environment filled with knowledge and activities, we also prioritize health and awareness for various medical issues.

Since its inception, LISQ’s goal has been facilitating medical care and attention to staff members, faculty and students.
To fulfill this objective, we have collaborated with various medical hospitals and enterprises to provide appropriate medical staff, and instruments such as vaccinations, bandages, medical kits, etc., to eliminate all inhibitions.

Our health services include:

  • An experienced emergency nurse
  • A school clinic whereby doctors are available full-time
  • Workshops organized by the Ministry of Health for doctors and nurses to polish their skills and stay up to date about current diseases, viruses, and preventive measures against them
  • Cabinets with non-prescription medicines along with tri-annual medicine inventory
  • Annual medical supplies authorized by the Ministry of Health
  • First-aid equipment
  • Adequate transportation for sick/injured individuals accompanied by the school doctor or nurse
  • Orientation and training on first aid at the beginning and end of the academic year
  • Teachers and Staff have a first-aid certificate.
  • An updated emergency procedure manual with written instructions for drills, evacuation maps, and safety rules about school facilities
  • Annual medical examinations with a precise medical record stating the student’s health problems and growth map

Liwa reserves the right to permit or deny access to anyone other than the staff, students, and parents within the school premises.

Community Service Team

Community service is a meaningful endeavour where students volunteer their time and talents to address local needs, fostering civic responsibility, empathy, and personal growth. This vital experience bridges the gap between academic learning and real-world issues, encouraging students to apply their knowledge for the betterment of their communities while nurturing essential values and a deeper sense of social awareness.

Situated in the historic Al Qattara region in Al Ain.

Liwa International School – Al Qattara

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