Welcome to LISQ

Welcome to Liwa International School – Al Qattara, where we offer an outstanding international education that inspires students to be self-disciplined, globally aware, and independent lifelong learners, who are innovative leaders and critical thinkers.

Liwa International School – Al Qattara works through partnerships; awards with parents, teachers, and the community; and educates students to high academic international standards by applying a learning-centered approach, which prepares self-confident and socially responsible, young adults for our evolving and changing world.

To support young people to become future leaders of the UAE, Liwa International School – Al Qattara will do this through providing an advanced arts and technological learning-focused environment, coupled with a broad and balanced extra-curricular program, including community outreach work. Our Core values sit at the heart of the school and are modeled by staff and promoted in our students through our teaching, learning, and everyday practice.


Message from the Chairman

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Liwa International School’s website. Whether you are a stakeholder seeking an update on our activities and services, a prospective parent, student, or staff member exploring the opportunities we offer, or a person who is simply interested in learning more about us, you are most welcome to navigate through the LIS eventful world as recapitulated in our materials.Read More

Dr. Ali Bin Harmal


Meet The Principal

Dear Parents, Students, and Community Members, I am delighted to extend my warmest greetings as the Principal of Liwa International School Al Qattara, Dr. Adrianna Chestnut. With over a decade of experience in educational leadership, I am honored to be a part of this esteemed institution, where we uphold international standards inspired by national values.... Read More

Dr. Adrianna Chestnut

Principal, Liwa International School Al Qattara
About Liwa Education

30 years of excellence in education

Since Liwa International Schools’ establishment in 1992, it has grown into a leading provider of education to students in Al Ain and Abu Dhabi. Liwa Education is an established educational leader, recognized for providing an accessible, high-quality, American curriculum education in the United Arab Emirates for the past three decades. Our schools and nurseries across Al Ain and Abu Dhabi offer a challenging American curriculum education, combining the essence of Emirati values with a rich set of core competencies that produces confident, resilient, and courageous young leaders.

Our learners develop an international mindset grounded in local values, understanding, and appreciation. We understand the need for agility and adaptability in an ever-changing landscape. Our graduating students are fully prepared to meet both national and global challenges, now and in the future.

Our School, Liwa International School Al Qattara, is the fourth school to be established in the Liwa family of schools based in Al Ain and Abu Dhabi.

Liwa Education believes and works progressively towards its vision of inspiring students to be self-disciplined, internationally-minded, and independent life-long learners who are innovative leaders and critical thinkers. This is done by providing a supportive, safe, sustainable and advanced technological learning-focused environment.

Ethos and Values


Creating an outstanding and individualized learning experience enriched with innovation, national values and global awareness.


We create an inclusive learning community that fosters innovation, creativity to deliver high standards of achievement for all students.

Our Core Values


We respect each other’s values, differences, and contributions while embracing and preserving our local values and traditions.


We act with integrity and honesty with a strong sense of fairness, respect, and dignity.


We encourage curiosity and new ideas and constantly strive to exceed expectations.


We pursue our learning with energy, determination and the commitment to succeed.


We work with a sense of purpose, persistence and accomplishment to achieve our goals.










At LISQ, you will find:
  • An American International School that provides world-class education.

  • Combining international standards with Emirati values and traditions.

  • A beautiful learning environment with access to state-of-the-art technology.

  • Specialist facilities that support learning through technology and the arts and help promote student leadership.

  • A comprehensive range of extra-curricular sports, community, and arts activities.

  • An outstanding international team of world-class, inspirational leaders, and teachers.

  • Strong partnerships with parents and the local community.

  • An education that focuses on the whole student, meeting academic, social, and emotional needs.


LISQ follows the American common core curriculum

LISQ follows American Common Core Curriculum, specifically California State Standards. Arabic and Islamic curriculum is guided by standards from the Ministry of Education (MOE) with a focus on moral education and tolerance in order to build new generations of well-educated, socially responsible, and globally aware citizens. For our Muslim students, Quran recitation is encouraged and improved with an emphasis on correct tajweed and pronunciation, children are challenged to improve their recitation and memorization which aims to nurture their Spiritual, Moral, and Ethical development. In Science, we utilize NGSS(Next Generation Science Standards), all curriculum is intertwined together to create a well-rounded learning experience for our students.

Our students are exposed to opportunities to develop essential skills, such as critical thinking, which prepares them for the future. To further support our future leaders, Liwa International School – Al Qattara provides an advanced arts and technological learning-focused environment, coupled with a broad and balanced extracurricular program, including community outreach work. curriculum

Management at LISQ

Senior Leadership Team

Dr. Adrianna Chestnut

School Principal

Maleha Arif

Vice Principal

Lacrisa Darby

Assistant Vice Principal

Management at LISQ

Extended Leadership Team

Ms. Asma Mohamed

Head Of MOE Subjects

Ms. Reem Alhasan

Head Of Admin

Ms. Hawa Itayem

Middle School English

Ms. Rahaf Talmasani

Elementary School English

Policies and Statutory Information

At Liwa International School Al Qattara our day-to-day work and practice is covered by policies. These are designed to secure consistency across the school and provide relevant information to all stakeholders, in particular parents and teachers.

The school is required by law and ADEK guidance to develop and implement certain policies covering areas such as safeguarding children’s welfare, health and safety, special educational needs, and promoting a culture of responsibility and accountability towards others and the environment. You can view and download our School Policies below.

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Situated in the historic Al Qattara region in Al Ain.

Liwa International School – Al Qattara

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